Ken Eke - Chartered Engineer, M.I.E.E.
- Microwave Research Engineer

As an entrepreneur and chartered engineer, Ken created Apollo in the early 1970s after working for the British Government at the Ministry of Aviation in the UK calibrating electronic instruments in the DC, RF and microwave fields. As his experience with microwaves grew, he focused his energy on the specialized field of microwaves and their applications. Recognizing the commercial implications of a future growth market in microwave ovens, Ken committed his company to an aggressive design and development plan that resulted in the introduction of the Apollo-Patented Combination microwave oven which became known as the Brother High-Speed Cooker, which successfully sold Worldwide. This was the first countertop oven to simultaneously combine microwaves with convected hot air, thus providing consumers with high quality cooking at the speed of microwaves! This technology met with great success and has now been expanded into the food service industry. His extensive expertise, coupled with an inquiring mind and an entrepreneurial spirit, has resulted in Ken being awarded over 100 International Patents and in bringing his company, Apollo USA, to the innovative heights it has achieved.
He has collaborated with numerous companies:-

• Brother Industries
• Magic-Chef
• Jenn-Air
• General Electric
• Riccar
• Hobart
• DeLonghi
• Westinghouse
• Frigidaire
• Cepem
• Juno
• Stoves
• Electrolux
• Belling
• Mealstream
• Whirlpool
• Electra Bregenz

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Dr. Wayne R. Tinga, PhD, P.Eng.
Microwave Engineer

Dr. Tinga was appointed as assistant professor at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta in 1970 and became full professor there in 1980.
For 35 years, his research focused on microwave power system design, microwave dielectric properties, microwave measurement techniques, and dielectric mixture modelling.
Dr. Tinga has lectured widely on topics such as Principles of Microwaves, Microwave Oven Performance Criteria, Interaction of Microwaves with Materials, Dielectric Measurement Techniques, Microwave Oven Design, Microwave Bioeffects and Safety, Dielectric Properties of Materials, Microwave Interactions with Ceramics and High-Temperature Microwave Measurement Techniques.
He worked closely with Ken Eke on the Physics behind his revolutionary microwave coupling system known as the Multi Mode Resonator and co-authored a comprehensive technical paper on the subject.
He is a Fellow in the International Microwave Power Institute (IMPI). He organized many international symposia, served on numerous technical committees, was Associate Editor of the Journal of Microwave Power and on the review boards of two IEEE -Transactions. From 1983-1986, he was on leave to Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa, where he designed, implemented and taught a 4-year Electrical Engineering program. After his return to the University of Alberta, he was Associate Chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering from 1992 till 2001. Dr. Tinga published over 90 technical papers and reports and co-authored a number of tutorial books on microwave power.

He has collaborated with numerous companies including,
• Jet Propulsion Laboratory
• Los Alamos National Laboratory
• U.S. Army - Natick, MA
• General Motors - Detroit, MI
• Esso Resources of Canada - Calgary, Alberta
• Pillsbury R & D Labs - Minneapolis, MN
• Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. - Chalk River, Ontario
• McMillan Bloedel Forest Products Co., British Columbia
• Westaim Technologies Inc., Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
• Alberta Research Council, Devon, Alberta
• Nordson Corp. Cincinnatti
• Litton Microwave Cooking - Minneapolis, MN
• Alcan Kingston, Ontario
• Cargill Corp., Minneapolis
• Cober Electronics
• Apollo USA Inc


Gordon Andrews, MCIM
Principle Microwave Applications Engineer

Gordon has more than 30 years experience in the development of microwave cooking appliances. After training as an electrical engineer, Gordon made a career move into microwave ovens and catering equipment OEM supplies with Philips Electrical (now Whirlpool). In 1972 he joined Litton Microwave Cooking Products, a leading USA based oven manufacturer of that era, as Technical Manager Europe. Establishing GAMA in 1983, Gordon has since been involved with several new oven developments, which has taken him to Japan, China, Canada, USA, Russia, Turkey and several European countries. He is also a participating member of the Apollo microwave “mode-resonator” catering and residential appliance development team.

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Bob Schiffmann
Microwave Applications Consultant

Bob has been working with microwave heating for over 45 years and has been an independent consultant for more than 35 years. He and his company have developed microwave products and processes for many industries including food, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, textile, aerospace, etc. and hold 29 US patents with 3 more applications currently under review. Bob lectures internationally and annually presents several microwave technology courses in the U.S. and Europe. He has over 50 publications to his credit covering all areas of microwave heating applications and has worked closely with Ken Eke on the clothes dryer project and the Sterilization of dental instruments. A synopsis follows of Bob’s history -

• Served as an expert witness on numerous microwave related cases
• Teaches international courses on Microwave and RF Technology
• Fellow of IMPI and an Honorary Member Of the UK Microwave Association
• Scientific Lecturer on microwave topics for the Institute of Food Technology
• Past President and Chairman of The International Microwave Power Institute
• Past Program Chairman for 15 international microwave technology
• Organized and chaired microwave sessions at numerous global conferences
• Past Chairman for the World Congress on Microwave & Radio Frequency Applications

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Graham Eke
Systems Design Engineer

Graham Eke, as Systems Design Engineer at Apollo USA, has a background in digital media and the recording arts and, since joining the company in 1995, has headed up the algorithm and 3D concept development for the company’s projects. Working with LabVIEW engineering computer software enables Graham to convert all of the electrical circuit diagrams into functioning systems which facilitate the prototypes being operated, evaluated and calibrated through the computer program. This approach ultimately plays a major role in the research and development process as it shows a concise “picture” as the product is being developed. Then, in conjunction with his ergonomically-designed control panels, Graham is able to transform the concept technology into a working product.

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Mike McDavitt
President of Apollo Worldwide of Al.

Apollo Worldwide manufactures, sells and services all kinds of major appliances and, along with Ken Eke, designed and developed the innovative Half Time Oven that is patented world wide. This is the only oven in the world that uses a combination of high speed forced air convection heat and microwave energy applied simultaneously in order to cook any food item or recipe in half the time. Over 100,000 units have been sold through the Discovery Channel Stores, QVC and leading Recreational Vehicle companies. McDavitt has over 30 years experience in the major appliance industry with General Electric and Maytag and has sold over $20 billion in major appliances. He introduced the first self-cleaning oven, ice and water through the door refrigerator, over-the-range microwave oven, smooth-top electric range and gas range with sealed burners.

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Gill Eke
Manager, Accounts and Finance

With her knowledge of company procedure, having initially worked for several years for an international company in London, it naturally followed that Gill would ideally bring her knowledge and office skills as co-founder to the Apollo group of companies. With the inception of the new company in the United States in the 1990s and her experience gained in industry, finance, property and the media, Gill proved herself invaluable in her administrative role, thus supporting Ken and his team through their design and development programs.

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Mike Ludlow
Business Development Consultant

In the United Kingdom, Michael Ludlow holds two chartered qualifications and achieved first place in the UK examinations of one of the professional bodies. His specialism is peripheral thinking. Given a project or problem, he has the outstanding ability to “wander around” the subject objectively and view it from the outer periphery when most people will look at it only in the normal vertical manner. Given this unusual ability, Michael, in tandem with other members of the Apollo team, is able to contribute to physical solutions where none seem attainable.


Colin Morton
Patent Attorney

Colin Morton is a graduate of Cambridge University with an honours degree in Mechanical Sciences and was in private practice before joining Keith W. Nash in1982 which allowed him to bring with him experience in all aspects of intellectual property. This included patents, designs and copyright in mechanical and electrical engineering as well as experience in litigation before the UK courts.

Colin has been Apollo's Patent attorney since 1978 and, with his wealth of knowledge and understanding of our innovative technology, has been a key ingredient in helping us achieve over 100 international patents covering all aspects of our intellectual property. He has travelled to Japan three times with the Apollo team to participate in securing License agreements with Brother International which subsequently helped to launch the renowned "Brother High Speed Cooker" where over 10,000 were sold Worldwide during the 1980s.
Colin's drafting skills are held in high esteem and he still provides tutorials to student members of the profession.

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