Apollo is accredited by International Business Week as having created a product determined to be the best buy of 1988. Ken Eke himself was recognized for his ability to contribute the most technological innovation, winning the British Innovation Awards in 1990.

“Mixed Facility” products that utilized our technology were unveiled at the Chicago National Housewares Show in 1987 and were deemed a revolution in high speed cooking technology. They also topped the ratings in many European consumer guides [with the MF.3000 being the flagship of the range of ovens, having a sensor designed to think as well as cook], stealing the show at Domotechnica, the largest application exhibition in Europe held bi-annually in Cologne, Germany.

The UK Pizza and Pasta Association honored Apollo’s design of the Brother MF.5000 as “Innovation of the Year” in 1990 and the Catering Equipment Distributor’s Association presented the same oven with the “Best Snack Equipment” award that same year.

Over the years, Apollo has been granted a total of seventy-five patents that span the globe and this has ensured Apollo’s success in winning patent litigation cases with four top name-brand companies. Find out more below:



In 1976, The Design Council in the UK awarded the Apollo Monitor second place out of 140 applicants.

The “talk of the show” at Domotechnica, Europe’s biggest exhibition, in Cologne, Germany, in 1984 was the MF.2000.

“Best Buy” in the UK market in 1986 was the MF.2100 over Panasonic, Saisho, Phillips and Moulinex and, in 1987, in France and Holland, was the best buy over Panasonic, Siemens and Moulinex .

Again, in 1987, the talk of the show at Domotechnica was the Brother AutoLogic Oven, the MF.3200.

International Business Week in the USA voted the AutoLogic Oven ‘Bake’Off’ winner in 1988.

In 1990, the “Innovation of the Year” by Pizzarama in the UK was the Super Fast Oven, the MF.5000, developed for the commercial market and was also voted “Best Snack Equipment” by Caterer and Hotelkeeper Equipment Awards.

The winner of the British Innovation Awards held by the Sunday Times and Honeywell in the UK in 1990 was again the MF.3200 with its AutoLogic Technology.

Winner of the Pizza/Pasta Innovation of the Year Award was once again the MF.5000.

The first of its kind as a free-standing Range was the TimeSavor that cooks in half the time and developed with Magic Chef which was introduced into the market in 1994.

Walt Disney World officials, in 1996, reviewed the first “talking” oven, the JennAir by Apollo, CAL [Convection AutoLogic] and requested it to be showcased at the EPCOT Center in the “House of Innoventions” exhibit.

Then, in 1998, Walt Disney officials reviewed the Maytag TimeSavor Range oven and was also showcased at the EPCOT Center in the “House of Innoventions” exhibit.

DeLonghi’s “Infinito” multi-funtional countertop oven with automatic sensor technology and category selection, was launched in 1998.

In 2000, Maytag’s Accellis 2X Range that cooks in half the time was launched.

The year 2004 produced the Trivection Oven developed with Apollo’s technology for GE in a free-standing Range incorporating three energies for cooking up to 5 times faster.

In 2005, 10,000 Apollo patented half time combination ovens were sold through the home shopping network, QVC in one day.

2005 brought about the compact “genus” oven by Glen Dimplex, a UK company, marketed specifically for Europe. This multi-functional oven roasts and bakes up to four times faster than traditional cooking.

Aided Leventi in being the first oven manufacturer in the world to succeed in combining hot air with steam injection and our patented microwave technology, guaranteeing uniform distribution of microwaves throughout the interior of the oven.

“Product of the year” in 2006, voted by the FSCI [Foodservice Consultant Society Internationa], was the Electrolux Air-O-Speed Combi commercial oven which combines steam, convection and patented Multi-Wave technology.

Apollo continues to innovate and improve on its technology on a daily basis with advances constantly being made and customized for its discerning clients.
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